Cosmetic surgery is the norm in the K-pop world, but not for these four vocalists.

Finding success as a pop star is often as much about looking good as sounding good. Add in the fact that in Korea cosmetic surgery is so widespread and socially acceptable that even Pokémon’s Pikachu seems to be getting some work done there, and many people would take it as a matter of course that the country’s idol singers have had a few procedures done.

The members of K-pop vocal unit Highteen, though, are bucking the trend by proudly declaring that they won’t have any cosmetic surgery done.

Composed of members Hye Joo, Hye Bin, Eun Jin, and Se-A, Highteen seems to put plenty of effort into its performance visuals, with elaborate choreography, carefully styled hair and makeup, and colorful costuming.

They’re drawing the line, though, at going under the knife to get the polished, sculpted, yet arguably artificial look that detractors say is so prevalent in the Korean entertainment industry.

▼ At one point, the group consisted of five members.

It’s not clear whether Highteen’s policy of no cosmetic surgery stems from a desire to champion the concept of natural beauty, or is merely a marketing tactic to help differentiate it from other acts, but in either case, it’s definitely helping the group stand out from the rest of the K-pop crowd.

Featured image: Instagram/highteen_2016
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