Limited-time eatery to open this week in trendy Shibuya neighborhood.

This fall, Persona 5, the fifth round-numbered installment in publisher Atlus’ hit video game series, was set to go head-to-head with Final Fantasy XV. A delay to the latter means that Persona 5, which was released last month, now has autumn pretty much to itself, but instead of clashing on game store shelves, the two titles are now competing in the restaurant world, as a Persona 5 cafe is opening in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood, just weeks after the currently Final Fantasy XV-themed Square Enix Cafe had its grand opening across town in Akihabara.

Actually, the two eateries don’t have an entirely adversarial relationship. That’s because the Persona 5 Cafe is a joint project between Atlus and restaurant operator Pasela, who’s also Square Enix’s recurring partner in its restaurant ventures. As it so often does, Pasela has gone all-out in creating character-based food and drinks, including a version of its legendary honey toast dessert with a gentlemen thief-style mask as a nod to the Phantom Thieves, Person 5’s player character team.

▼ Palace Honey Toast (1,130 yen [US$11])


Character based drinks are all priced at 650 yen. Despite a couple of alcoholic-sounding names, they’re all virgin cocktails, meaning you can have as many as you want no matter how young you are or how much driving you plan to do immediately after.

▼ Main Character’s Coffee Float, Ryuji’s Passionfruit Cola, and Yusuke’s Blue Yogurt


▼ Arsene Strawberry Cola, Captainn Kidd Passion Blue, Chameleon Rose Berry, Zoro Smart Mojito, Goemon Yuzu Tea, Johana High Priestess Coffee, Necronomicon Kiwi Blue, and Milady Chardonnay Heart


During the limited time it will be in operation, the Persona 5 Cafe will be taking over the Shibuya branch of the Los Cabos darts bar, which means the interior is likely to be decked out in decorations celebrating the new game. You’ll even get to take a little bit of Persona artwork home with you, since each item you order randomly gets you one of eight Persona 5 pins.


The Persona 5 Cafe opens on October 14, and will be in business until November 23.

Restaurant information
Persona 5 Cafe (at Los Cabos Shibuya branch) / ペルソナ5カフェ(ロスカボス渋谷店)
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan 1-22-9, Pasela Resort 2nd floor
東京都渋谷区神南1-22-9 パセラリゾーツ2F

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