New Attack on Titan attraction also in development as theme park continues to embrace anime franchises.

Universal Studios Japan is causing a bit of controversy these days with one of its Halloween haunted houses, which uses hundreds of dolls which were originally donated by their owners to a Shinto shrine. Some say the added touch of authenticity makes the whole thing enticingly creepy, while others say it’s an inappropriate misuse of the items.

But the Osaka theme park has two other projects in the works that just about everyone can agree sound awesome: new attractions based on anime series Evangelion and Attack on Titan.

This isn’t USJ’s first time to bring the hit franchises to the park. But whereas the previous tie-ups were both “4-D” theater attractions, with video images enhanced by wind, light, and other effects, this time the park is building an actual Evangelion ride that moves guests about as they try to escape from the site of a battle between one of the titular giant robots and one of the invading aliens called Angels.


Meanwhile, the Attack on Titan 4-D experience is getting a new version that features the sinister Colossal Titan and athletic Armored Titan, both of which were absent from the attraction’s previous iteration.

Both the Evangelion XR Ride and Attack on Titan The Real 4-D 2, as the attractions are officially called, are scheduled to debut on January 13, and will be in operation until June 25.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Universal Studios Japan
Insert images: Universal Studios Japan