The sweet stack isn’t the only brightly coloured item on the menu!

Hawaiian casual restaurant chain Eggs ‘n Things is well known throughout Japan for its huge array of light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes, with its Harajuku branch in particular often seeing long lines of customers stretching out the door. That line is set to get even longer this October, when the restaurant adds a couple of items to their menu for a limited time to celebrate Halloween.

▼ One of the items is the “Halloween Special Drink” which retails for 550 yen (US$5.45) and comes served in a tall glass with a plastic syringe.


The icy beverage is new for 2016 and contains a bright blue lemonade, which changes to an eerie colour once the bright red strawberry “blood” sauce is injected into the glass.


On the sweet dessert front, there’s a stack of pancakes (1,400 yen) topped with fresh mangoes and raspberries and covered in a purple sweet potato paste, which appeared on the restaurant’s Halloween menu last year. This year, however, the dish has been given an extra dose of horror with the addition of a raspberry sauce, which represents a “sea of blood” containing fresh blueberries.


Both menu items are only available for a limited time, from 1 – 31 October and can be ordered at any one of their 16 branches around the country.

Source, Images: PR Times