We say R.I.P. to our tastebuds because they’ll never be the same again.

Baskin Robbins, known in Japan as “Thirty-one Ice Cream” or simply “31”, is gearing up for Halloween this year with an awesome new “Crazyyy Halloween” campaign featuring monster ice cream sandwiches, sundaes and all-new special limited edition flavours.

The two most eye-popping offerings in the lineup are the “Extremely Hot Spicy Chocolate I Scream Sundae” topped with a spicy chocolate sauce and an amazing “Neon Monster” glow-in-the-dark ice cream. Judging by comments on social media, everyone was dying to get a taste of these new products, so our Japanese reporter Mariko made sure she was in line as soon as they were released to find out what they were like!


The Neon Monster is a first for the company in Japan, and to prove the ice cream’s iridescence, every store has a special box equipped with a black light so customers can take a look at their dessert glowing in the dark.


It was hard to see any illumination from the ice cream when looking underneath the light box.


But when looking through the peep holes on the side of the box, the ice cream really appeared to glow! While it was obviously lit up from the light source, the creamy serving glowed in the darkness, particularly as it softened up and began to melt, with the entire surface taking on a blue fluorescence.


As for the flavours, each scoop contains soda (yellow), grape (green) and melon (purple). While it was impossible to make a distinction between individual flavours while eating it, the whole ice cream tasted mostly like a deliciously refreshing melon soda.


The I Scream Sundae, which retails for 570 yen (US$5.67), is designed to look like a spooky graveyard, with an R.I.P. cookie headstone, chocolate brownie coffins, a zombie-like hand and a screaming white ghost sitting atop mounds of freshly whipped cream and ice cream. The extremely hot and spicy chocolate sauce is not for the faint of heart, and comes served separately.


▼ Never one to shy away from a challenge, our brave reporter drizzled the entire contents of the sauce packet all over the sundae.


▼ Bracing herself for the hit of habanero chilli pepper, which gives the sauce its heat, Mariko took her first bite.


▼ Surprisingly, all she felt was the cold ice cream on her tongue, which gave way to an icy sweetness.


And then, slowly, the heat came bit by bit, as the habanero chilli peppers went to work on her tastebuds. At first she was worried that it might be too much heat to handle, but thankfully, the spiciness subsided before it became too intense.


As a long-time fan of 31, Mariko was pleased to report that the new crazy Halloween offerings lived up to all her expectations. As well as being delicious, they managed to capture all the fun and spooky cuteness of the holiday. Plus, throughout the duration of the campaign, which runs until 31 October, customers can also receive special extras like fake tattoo seals, clear files and even a pair of ice cream coloured earbuds with purchases made on a stamp card. For more information on all the limited edition offerings, visit their website for more details!

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