Robots? Check. Anime? Check. Creepy but still cute? Oh definitely check.

When many people think of Japan, things like anime, Akihabara, all-girl idol groups, and of course, robots come to mind. So what way to more perfectly encompass Japan than a video that combines all of them into one glorious performance?

Japanese Twitter user @83344ass recently posted a video showing just that:

“I saw a concert of Love Live!’s μ’s in Akihabara!”

Hey, that’s a group of Pepper robots! It looks like he’s moved on from flipping people off and giving haircut advice to finally achieve his dream of being in an idol group. Work it, Pepper!

For those unfamiliar, the group of Pepper robots is performing the song Yume no Tobira from the anime Love Live! You can watch the actual anime scene here, which is just a tad more complex than the Pepper version.

Still, the Pepper robots tried their hardest. Here’s a photo of them all before their big performance:

▼ Not sure why they’d schedule it for Halloween though.
It’s not like there’s anything scary about those dark, hollow eyes….

Japanese netizens were divided on their reactions to such a dazzling performance, but most of them approved:

“That’s oddly cute.”
“Nope, this was the scariest thing I’ve seen all Halloween.”
“I love how Umi moves too fast and Rin just dies partway through lol.”
“And Kotori who is just standing there in the back staring off into space the whole time.”
“Are we witnessing the future of idols?”

Considering the fact that programmable idol robots are already a thing, and robot-versions of AKB48 members have married other robots, we’d hate to break it to you netizen, but that future is now.

Source: Twitter/@83344ass via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@83344ass