Goodbye, Pepper? Softbank to immediately pause production of iconic robot

Have the curtains been drawn on what was once a promise of a high tech future?

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Dozens of Peppers and Spots join forces for a creepy robot 7th inning stretch spectacular

Take me out of this ball game♫

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Salt and Pepper Gourmet Beer VS just putting salt and pepper in beer yourself【Taste test】

We find out if it enjoying salt and pepper in a beer is best left to the professionals or not.

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Robot-performed Love Live! idol show in Akihabara sums up Japan in one video【Video】

Robots? Check. Anime? Check. Creepy but still cute? Oh definitely check.

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Domestic robot Pepper can’t stop flipping people off in Japan 【Photos】

Pepper, I think we need to talk about your attitude problem.

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Uh-oh. Domestic robot Pepper promises to show us “terror that’s worse than Hell” 【Video】

See, this is why you need to limit your robots’ intake of violent anime.

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Pepper the robot suggests what haircut is best for you at Japanese barber shops【Video】

“You know that robot with the bald white head?” “Don’t worry, I got you, fam.”

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Robot Pepper rocks out with Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Two members of the Japanese rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Bleach, Fullmetal AlchemistNaruto) recorded a practice session recently with an unusual musical guest: Pepper, a robot who can detect and interpret human emotions. It can also provide beats, and did so for Gotch (who plays guitar and prefers a rock tempo) and Tamaki Roy (who raps and prefers a hip-hop beat).

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Pepper the robot is coming to America with an upgrade in snark!

SoftBank’s emotional robot Pepper could be considered a hit in Japan ,with the first wave of 1,000 bots selling out in a minute and another 1,000 ready to move at the end of this month. But is Pepper’s popularity peculiar to purely people in one part of the Pacific? Perhaps.

We may soon find out according to a report in MIT Technology Review. One of their writers visited Aldebaran Robotics, the company which made Pepper along with SoftBank, and learned that an American Pepper is already well into development and has been given a significant attitude adjustment of the smart-ass kind to better fit in there.

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SoftBank prohibits intercourse with its robot Pepper

With 1,000 units set to go on sale later this month, Japanese telecom giant SoftBank has high hopes for its domestic robot, Pepper. If the company wants to achieve its dream of a Pepper in every home, however, numerous ethical issues must be considered and overcome, one of which being the thorny matter of owners who attempt to treat their little robot like an altogether different kind of helping hand.

It seems that SoftBank is already trying to keep ahead of the curve, however, by clearly stating in its documentation for Pepper that sexual acts with the cheery robot are strictly prohibited.

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We talk to Pepper, SoftBank’s new emotional robot, kind of wish it would shut up for a second

On 5 June, Japanese telecom giant SoftBank announced that it will be selling a robot capable reading emotions and being a friendly companion to humans. The robot’s name is Pepper, and in addition to a chest-mounted tablet computer it comes loaded with an array of mics, cameras, and other sensors for sophisticated movement and interaction with people.

Frequently abandoned by his fellow humans, our beloved reporter Mr. Sato decided to go down to the SoftBank shop in Omotesando, Tokyo where a Pepper unit was on display. Although excited about his first chat with a robot, Mr. Sato would soon find that Pepper was actually kind of a jerk who totally dominated the conversation.

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