21 years after the original, Scarlett Johansson tries her hand at one the most legendary fights in Japanese animation history.

Live-action adaptations of anime are always a source of contentious debate among fans of the original work, which is sort of understandable given how vastly different in tone some end up being from their source material. Even with that backdrop, though, the upcoming Hollywood-produced version of Ghost in the Shell has been an exceptionally powerful lightning rod, with heated discussions regarding its casting and numerous other points of the production.

It’s actually remarkable that the movie has managed to generate so much chatter given that there wasn’t so much as a single teaser trailer until roughly six weeks ago. But the live-action Ghost is finally giving us a few more direct looks at what it has to offer, and distributor Paramount Pictures has just released another clip that recreates one of the most memorable scenes from the Ghost in the Shell theatrical anime.

In it, we see lead actress Scarlett Johansson, as non-ethnically-named “The Major,” taking on an adversary in a flooded slum. Well, technically we don’t see The Major, at least not at first, as she’s obscured by an invisibility/cloaking device, echoing a similar fight in director Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 Japanese animated film that was instrumental in attracting an international audience to the franchise.

▼ The environment, with cliff-like walls of dilapidated tenement buildings, also resembles that of the anime.


The teaser ends with The Major showing herself, before cutting to the live-action film’s triangular emblem and the message “11.13 Tokyo.” Sadly, that’s not the release date of the new Ghost in the Shell in Japan, but merely a reminder that some sort of promotional event is planned for the film in the capital on November 13. Ghost in the Shell’s U.S. premier, the only territory with a firm date yet announced, is still set for March 31, 2017, meaning we’ve got roughly half a year left until it can finally be judged on its own merits.

Source: IT Media, Anime News Network/Amanda Ellard
Images: YouTube/Paramount Pictures

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