Curiosity killed the cat, but all it did to this puppy was catch it in a basket.

These days it’s hard to tell who has reign over the internet – cats or puppies. Shiba Inu especially, with their squishy fox-like faces and abundant curiosity, have worked their way into the hearts of many, and here’s another member of the breed, or a family of them, rather, ready to steal the spotlight of internet fame.

A little brown ball of fuzz that we’re pretty sure is a puppy (that or just the cutest dust bunny we ever did see) is playing with his daddy doge. Mama walks by full of beauty and grace, and then another baby fuzz-ball sneaks onto the screen. After examining the inside of a plastic basket that’s the same snowy white as its fur, the pup turns to leave the apparently uninteresting basket for other ventures.

But the basket wasn’t quite ready to let the puppy go.


Father and baby Shiba notice the overturned basket as it seems to start moving around on its own! Unable to free itself from the trap of curiosity, the white puppy begins to cry a cry that’s likely saying, “Oh woe is me! My life so young and fate has already sealed me away in this tiny prison!”

At that point, both parents are examining the whimpering basket, seemingly more with curiosity than with any concern of freeing their equally curious young. Luckily a helping human hand is there to release the puppy from its prison, and all is right again with the world.

It is unclear where the original video came from, as the uploader @sumaho_mangaya has shared dog videos of all kinds on her Twitter page, but we are grateful all the same for the puppy pick-me-up!

Source, featured image, insert image: Twitter/@sumaho_mangaya