You+More now selling an adorable new Akita puppy plushie and tiny puppy pouches

Life-like, realistic, and supremely lovable!

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Absolutely adorable Twitter video shows Japanese toddler topple over, get comforted by puppies

You know what they say…when you get knocked down, get right back up again, unless you’re being besieged by adorable puppy dogs.
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Taiwan’s police force shows off its newest, cutest canine recruits【Photos】

The six new team members are only a month old!

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Playful Shiba pup gets himself trapped in basket, parents and sibling look on in adorable video

Curiosity killed the cat, but all it did to this puppy was catch it in a basket.

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Human plays dead on floor, is quickly revived by affectionate puppy kisses 【Video】

This cute clip is a perfect display of puppy love!

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Japan conformist? Not for one of these seven adorable pups 【Photos】

One of these puppies isn’t interested in fitting in, and Japan is more than OK with that.

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Would you like paper or plastic for that adorable puppy?【Video】

Cute and amazing events happen when you least expect them, but the convenience of smart phones makes it possible to capture those special moments no matter where you are. You might see something at a crowded festival or a totally random happenstance as you’re cruising down the street. Just whip out your phone and share away.

It’s no surprise thatoften times, animals are featured in our smart phone camera moments as they are constantly doing the cutest things, like carrying their puppy in a plastic shopping bag.

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Cute puppy goes to grandmother’s house and finds dentures for toothy grin, hilarious photo op

Here’s a small but concentrated dose of silliness for those of you who need an afternoon (or morning, or evening) pick-me-up. And it’s a good opportunity to prove that canines can be monarchs of the World Wide Web too!

Did it take a moment for you to realize what’s going on in the photo on the right? No, it’s not another before/after photo of plastic surgery or a sad tale of a dog that auditioned for a Dentastix commercial and failed; it’s what happened when a Japanese Twitterer visited her grandmother’s house with her Pomeranian pup. Reactions ranged from “Cute!” to “Ew!” to “Scary!”, but as a beloved villain with the wicked grin put it, “Let’s put a smile on that face!”

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