Nyango Star must have apple-cat nerves of steel as he absolutely kills a performance of X Japan songs in front of a discerning audience.

About a month ago, a particular mascot burst onto the national stage after his drumming talents went viral. Playing X Japan’s insanely difficult “Kurenai”, he wowed us and audiences with his skills and his unwavering expression while playing. Inevitably, we knew the person who wrote those notes and Nyango Star were going to meet and we could only imagine what their reaction would be. Well, we don’t have to wait any longer, as X Japan’s leader Yoshiki got a front row seat to a Nyango Star performance.


Joining Yoshiki on the television show were two members of the Japanese rock band Luna Sea, Shinya and Inoran, who are also very talented musicians. The three of them could not contain their glee as this person in a gigantic mascot suit played an incredible cover of one of X-Japan’s toughest songs on the drums.


▼ Mute the crash, and…


▼ They love it!


In fact, “Kurenai” wasn’t the only song Nyango Star performed, as Yoshiki also found out he could play “Silent Jealousy”, which is, in Yoshiki’s own words also, “pretty difficult”.

The X Japan drummer is clearly enjoying himself as he mimics the beat along with the performance in front of him and laughs with joy as Nyango nails the complicated rhythm of the song.


How much further can Nyango Star rise? Is it possible that he will make an appearance on stage with X Japan one day and give Yoshiki a 10 to 15 minute break during one of their concerts? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing is for sure, when your prefecture’s mascot rocks out to X Japan as hard as this, it can only increase the chances of the band making it up to Aomori. The odds are certainly higher than us achieving our dream to join X Japan.

Source: Twitter/@k_ra1229
Featured image: YouTube/hiro1609
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