As their third holiday drink this year, Starbucks Japan will be offering baked apples in drinkable form – served either hot or cold! 

This winter, Starbucks Japan is offering a series of three Holiday drink flavors based on a gingerbread house theme. You may recall that we’ve already introduced the Snow Pecan Nut Frappuccino and Latte as well as the Gingerbread Latte and Crispy Gingerbread Frappuccino. While those drinks sound insanely tasty (how can they make beverage names so drool-worthy?) they may have saved the best for last, because Starbucks Japan has recently announced that the third in the series will be the Hot Baked Apple and Baked Apple Frappuccino.

This time the drinks are meant to be evocative of the apple ornaments used to decorate a gingerbread house. And they’ve made sure to capture the tasty essence of a good baked apple – the sweet and sour flavor of apples with the added temptation of burnt butter and brown sugar.


The Hot Baked Apple is based on American apple cider and arranged for the Japanese market. Each cup of original apple juice is individually warmed, and has plenty of baked apple sauce added. The combined effect is like drinking a warm baked apple.

The Baked Apple Frappuccino is a dessert, cream-based frozen beverage mixed with baked apple sauce that also contains actual cut pieces of caramel-flavored apple. The cold temperature of the drink and the crunchy texture of the cut apples should prove to be a delightful combination.

The two baked apple drinks will be available at Starbucks across Japan beginning December 1 until December 25. The Hot Baked Apple will be priced at 420 yen (US$3.79) in a Short size, 460 yen for a Tall, 500 yen for a Grande and 540 yen for a Venti, while the Baked Apple Frappuccino comes in one size for 540 yen.

And here are the three hot Holiday drinks gathered together for a group picture! From left to right, the Gingerbread Latte, Hot Baked Apple, and Snow Pecan Nut Latte:


Which is your favorite? Or do you prefer the Starbucks holiday puddings? Whichever you have this winter, here’s wishing you a warm, sweet Holiday Season!

Source: Starbucks Japan press release
Images: Starbucks Japan press release