Pastel goth is Hello Kitty’s new style…and we’re into it!

Hello Kitty has a thousand jobs, and one of them is to dress up as one of her favorite Japanese rock stars, Yoshiki of the legendary band X Japan. The result is Yoshikitty: a Hello Kitty with the hair Yoshiki wore when he debuted in X Japan, purple eyeshadow, and all-black clothes (and of course, her trademark red ribbon).

Yoshikitty is a familiar icon that pops up on new goods like masks and T-shirts from time to time, but never have we seen Yoshikitty in anything but gothic colors…until now. Meet the Yoshikitty of your unicorn dreams with the Pastel Moon Collection Yoshikitty!

Wearing a pastel jacket and silver pants and boots with hair dyed in rainbow colors, this Yoshikitty is surrounded by soft-colored motifs of crescent moons, stars, Yoshiki’s beloved cross necklace, a piano (Yoshiki’s specialty), musical notes, and a swan with a golden crown on its head.

This collection comes with four different kinds of items that we can’t wait to spend our money on. For example, there’s the Pastel Moon Yoshikitty plush (5,800 yen [US$45] for medium and 8,800 for large), which comes as large as 40.5 centimeters (or 15.9 inches) and shows off Yoshikitty in all her pastel glory.

A much smaller version of the plush comes in keychain form (4,400 yen), with a ball chain long enough to tether to your favorite bag.

Also to decorate your bag with–or to add to your keychain–is a metal charm (1,100 yen) featuring Pastel Moon Yoshikitty sitting on a bright yellow moon. At 60 by 55 millimeters (2.4 by 2.1 inches), this is a sizeable charm that will definitely be noticed wherever you choose to hang it.

And last is a set of two reusable shopping bags (2,800 yen), a mini and regular-size. The mini bag features Yoshikitty in various poses surrounded by the many motifs of the collection over a white background.

The regular-size bag replicates the key art illustrations, including Yoshikitty sitting on a powder yellow crescent moon, a pastel piano with multicolor stars emerging from its casing, a swimming swan, and dancing musical notes, all on a background of pink, purple, yellow, and blue.

These pretty accessories are now available through the official Yoshikitty online shop as well as Asunarosya, one of the official distributors of Sanrio Goods, so if you want them, order soon! And if you’re a Hello Kitty fan, don’t forget there’s a Hello Kitty hotel room in Kyoto. You won’t want to stay anywhere else on your next visit.

Source, images: PR Times
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