Comedian’s portrayal of politician named “Shrimp” is full of confident bluster.

For the most part, Japan doesn’t really do political comedy. Linguistic and social norms combine to make sarcasm a hard thing to convey in Japanese, and so satirizing politicians and world leaders becomes such a difficult endeavor that most entertainers choose to mine other sources to elicit laughs.

But U.S. president-elect Donald Trump has caught the Japanese public’s imagination in a big way, with his unique flair for the dramatic in his speeches and public appearances. Trump has already inspired manga, masks, and makeovers in Japan, and now he’s inspired a parody by Japanese comedian Razor Ramon RG (also known as Makoto Izubuchi), in which the real estate-mogul-turned-politician is lampooned as relying on easy stereotypes and a pronounced fondness for the phrase “Get out [of] here!”

The performance is part of a recently taped episode of broadcaster Fuji TV’s sketch comedy program “Baku Show Character Parade.” Izubuchi, dressed as Trump (although he’s identified as “Shrimp”) and surrounded by stand-ins for the recently elected politician’s family members (including, of course, Barron) stands at a podium, ostensibly speaking to press conference attendees. He calls out Japanese actress and Kyoto native Hiroko Mita, bellowing:

“Miss Hiroko Mita, where are you from? OK, Kyoto. Kyoto…Get out [of] here! All Kyoto people only eat nishin soba. Nihin soba only. Get out [of] here.”

Granted, nishin soba (noodles in broth with grilled herring) is a traditional Kyoto specialty…


…but saying that it’s all people from Kyoto eat is kind of like saying Americans eat hamburgers every single day. Still, “Shrimp” seems very amused at the zinger he’s just dished out, letting out a satisfied laugh before moving on to Kiyotaka Nanbara, a comedian from Takamatsu, the largest city in Kagawa Prefecture, which is famous for its sanuki udon noodles. So, of course, “Shrimp” lets everyone know that:

“All Takamatsu people eat only sanuki udon.”

That’s where the clip ends, but with 47 prefectures in Japan, each with its own local delicacy, we’re sure “Shrimp” has plenty more people he’d like to say “Get out of here” to.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: YouTube/爆笑キャラパレード
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