Fictional characters can get away with just about anything, especially if they dwell in a fantasy setting where superhuman abilities exist and extraordinary events occur. But even in such fictional worlds where anything is possible, many creators design their characters and settings with a certain amount of realism, perhaps to keep things relatively convincing and logical.

Take the characters of Attack on Titan for example. It is shown that the members of the Training Corps go through rigorous training in order to become official members of the military, so it’s understandable that they are physically fit and athletic. A Taiwanese variety program made a parody of the series, though, that proved exactly why the titan-slaying heroes and heroines have to keep their well-toned physique. Watch the clip after the break!

The Attack on Titan parody was broadcast on Crazy God (瘋神無雙), a Taiwanese TV variety program that entertains its audience with humorous short skits and parodies of popular movie and anime titles. The show’s regular cast of comedians and special guests often go crazy with their characters and storylines, and each segment typically ends with a turn of events that makes the entire cast writhe in agony.

▼ The unspoken rules of Titan hunting: don’t forget your gear, and don’t eat too much.

▼ Commander Erwin Smith quietly enjoying his lunch while Petra jumps into battle.


▼ Levi forgot his maneuver gear! And Armin is perpetually on a horse.


▼ It takes about seven adults to lift a jumbo sized Erwin barely off the ground.


▼ It appears that the Female Titan is still a shy lady after all…

▼ Levi snaps at the combo breaker.

Since Levi is considered the most powerful soldier in existence, scoring a 99-hit combo shouldn’t be too far-fetched, but the fact that Eren survived that means he’s probably the most resilient!

Source, images: Facebook/瘋神無雙