Could this be as accurate as horoscopes, blood-typing and how we make a fist? How could anything match their exact precision?

No matter where in the world we are from, for better or for worse, we have our stereotypes about other countries. Maybe it’s their clothes, the way they tip, or the way they act at Disneyland, but we key in on a number of clues in order to guess where people come from. Earlier in the year, there was a stunning photo on Twitter that showed visual evidence on how nationality may influence personal character.

There are various messages that can be taken from the very neatly arranged dots of the Japanese participants and the randomness of other countries, but we could certainly use some more supporting evidence. Japanese Twitter user @Nouvelle56 thinks that there’s another equally truthful method of determining the characteristics of various country’s citizens, and it all lies in the way passports are stamped.

▼ A passport stamped by Ukraine immigration.

From the example above, it seems the Ukraine is a careful and courteous country as all the stamps are very neatly and tightly arranged. How do other countries fare? Another Twitter user posted her passport stamps and concluded that Latin Europe is an untidy and cluttered place while Germanic Europe and former Soviet Union countries (such as Ukraine) are much neater.

Curious about how other countries stamped their passports, we took a look at some of our own in order to see the results.

▼ Unsurprisingly, Japan seems to like a neat and tidy page


▼ This amalgamation of stamps from various countries shows that the U.S. and Hong Kong are completely OK with sideways stamps. Australia seems to have commandeered the spot Japan probably wanted to stamp upon re-entry.  


Flipping through the pages, it made us wonder why in the age of computers, we have our passports stamped as much as we do. It is pretty neat to fill up several pages of colorful ink from our travels as a reminder of all the wonderful places we’ve been, so it’s not like we are hoping the practice stops any time soon. For our readers who often travel, what do your passports pages look like? Be sure to share your results in the comments below!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Nouvelles56