hanko 6

If you are searching for a new angle to represent yourself, can we interest you in some straight lines?

There are plenty of ways to personalize your hanko (also known as an inkan), the official stamps used as signatures in Japan. You can dress them up like a sword hilt or decorate your last name with cats or dogs. However, if the serious side of you believes that those options are far too “playful”, there is a new stamp design that is perfect for people who would be considered straight shooters.

hanko 1

Whether you are a mathematician, an engineer or simply a fan of precision, you’re probably jumping in reserved joy at the sight of these angular yet almost cryptic name stamps from OOiNN. Under the aptly named “GRAPH” line, these name stamps take the flowing, beautiful Japanese characters in common last names and turn them into alien-like but still equally beautiful pieces of modern art. It’s a good thing they include the corresponding kanji below the stamp, because no matter how much we stare at some of the designs, without a hint, we would be completely lost.

▼ The name is Miyamoto (宮本), not “Unsolvable Maze.”

hanko 2

▼ We swear the name Suzuki (鈴木) is in there somewhere.

hanko 3

▼ This Shimizu (清水) wouldn’t look out-of-place decorating a wall.

hanko 7

▼ Yamada (山田)…this one actually makes sense when you look at it!

hanko 8

The stamps come in a variety of dispensing options and materials, including self-inking. The quality of materials will determine the final price, but they range from 3,800 yen (US$38) to 5,980 yen ($60). If you pick one up, you can definitely leave your mark the next time you stamp an official document.

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Images: OOiNN