Our favorite fluffy pup is here to make your personal stamp look as cute as a cupcake!

You might not have a use for a small, personalized wooden stamp with your name on it, but in Japan it’s a necessity. Signing up for a phone plan? You’d better have your hanko/inkan stamp to hand! What about renting somewhere to live? Yes, you need a hanko for that too. Bank account? You betcha!

In fact, hankos are so necessary for so many small things that some people have a variety of personal name stamps. It’s common for a more expensive, registered hanko (used for governmental matters) to be quite plain, but the rules are much more lax for stamps used to collect packages, sign up with a phone company or even clock in to work. That’s good news if you like your stamps with a bit more spice, and one company is determined to make sure everyone can truly purchase the seal of their dreams: Hankozu.

We feature Hankozu’s adorable animal stamps often on SoraNews24, but sometimes they team up with companies so you can let your favorite anime, videogame and manga characters cavort across the little rubber pad. And one such company is collaborative conglomerate Sanrio, who are letting Cinnamoroll come hang out on these adorable new hankos.

▼ The promo image for the hanko features Cinnamoroll’s customary cutesy pastels (translation below)

“Add your name to cute images of your favorite Sanrio character! These exclusive hankos can be used to sign up for banks, daily signatures, your children’s school report book, receiving packages…and so much more! (Please note that only the wooden hanko are intended for bank registration.)”

You have the option of choosing not only Cinnamoroll, but any one of his adorable pals: Cappuccino, Mocha, Chiffon, Espresso and baby Milk designs are all available!

Once you’ve settled on which fluffy character will adorn your personal seal, you can choose one of three fonts to write your name in.

Oh, but there’s one last very important choice to make… Which of the adorable cases will you choose? There are two kinds, and you’ll want to consider how you plan to use your custom Cinnamoroll stamp before you commit to your purchase.

▼ This one is the Quick C9 type, with an automatic ink dispenser.

The Quick C9 version comes with a pleasant, pastel pink case that allows you to press your stamp down and have it print right away, with no need for an extraneous ink pad. This is because the case comes pre-loaded with ink, which is applied as you press down. This version costs 3,300 yen (US$30.40) and is as convenient as it gets – although, like all ink-dispensing hanko stamps, you cannot use it to register at a bank.

▼ And here’s the wooden version. So cute!

The wooden hanko has a glamorous striped red-and-pink case, emblazoned with Cinammoroll and Mocha having a playdate. Priced at 4,950 yen, this one is accepted by most major banks, so you can have a little frisson of cuteness as you finagle with your finances!

Regardless of which version you choose, the hanko stamp itself will come with a sweet little cyan-striped case, also featuring Cinamoroll and Mocha. You can have the stamps customized to fit a given surname, although the order form warns that full names are not possible; you also should double or even triple-check the form you send, as they don’t accept changes or cancellations.

Of course, if there are other cute critters you’d rather feature on your name stamp, we won’t tell Cinnamoroll.

Source, images: PR Times via Netlab
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