Stamps featuring controversial Russian leaders now on sale, sends chills down our spines

Just be aware of potential consequences if you do decide to use these.

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New Sailor Moon art collection is gorgeous, could (but won’t) be used to send mail

Series creator Naoko Takeuchi’s illustrations grace stamps and post cards that buyers will no doubt keep for themselves.

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After years of stomping on enemies, Nintendo’s Mario becomes a stamp series in Japan

Peach and Luigi featured too, but one series regular is left off the postage.

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Determine the characteristics of a country based on how passports are stamped!

Could this be as accurate as horoscopes, blood-typing and how we make a fist? How could anything match their exact precision?

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Japan to release stamps so cute you’ll want to cuddle your mail!

These stamps may even make overdue bill statements seem less threatening.

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These aren’t idle graph paper doodles but your next official signature stamp

If you are searching for a new angle to represent yourself, can we interest you in some straight lines?

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Decorate your snail mail with cute, whimsical stamps to enhance your postage!

Celebrate important life events or the changing of the seasons with an extra special artistic touch in the corner of your mail.

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New cat stamps from Japan give you a cute kitty emoji for any occasion

Because the best way to express your thoughts is through kittens with wide-eyed faces and playful poses.

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Stamp collecting cat-lovers rejoice! Japan Post to release insanely cute cat stamps in April

Not a stamp collector yet? That’ll change in a few months!

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Online shop’s anime character personal seals look awesome, can be used for legal paperwork

Even now, most legal documents in Japan don’t ask for your signature, but rather that you stamp your inkan, or personal seal, to show approval or confirmation. Also called a hanko, the stamp, customarily used with red ink, leaves behind just the bearer’s last name, at least in the case of ordinary inkan.

But if that’s just too solemnly boring for you, you can also spice things up with a personal seal made that’s decorated with characters from hit anime series such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Clannad, and Fate/stay night that not only lets you display your love for those franchises, but is also legally binding.

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Sushi and tempura stamps will spice up your New Year’s cards, probably still taste like glue

With just two weeks to go until the end of the year, people across Japan are scrambling to finish up writing their New Year’s Cards, or nengajo, as they’re called in Japanese. While traditions have softened and it’s becoming a bit more acceptable to send tidings by email, many still choose to send physical cards, since receiving personal mail is something of a rare treat these days.

That means most people need to make a trip to the post office to pick up some stamps, and Japan Post is happy to oblige with special New Year’s varieties. And though the ones for the upcoming Chinese zodiac animal are undeniably cute, the designs that really caught our attention were the sushi and tempura stamps.

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Hadoken! The LINE stickers we’ve all been waiting for: Street Fighter II

LINE is Japan’s most popular instant messaging platform and it came to its place on top via cute emoji “stickers.” But maybe you’ve had enough of the cutesy bears and sparkling hearts. Maybe you need to let out some emoji anger when your girlfriend is being a bit clingy with her texts. Fear not! The LINE stickers of your dreams have been released and they are just as tough, and occasionally gruesome, as you want them to be! Welcome into the ring, Street Fighter II!

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Special 2015 New Year’s stamp shows adorable sheep completing a 12-year project

With November half over, it’s time to start worrying about the big holiday this season: New Year’s! While Christmas might be the big winter holiday in many countries, for those in Japan, the changing of the calendar is a far bigger event and everyone from school kids overworked salarymen gets a row of days off.

In addition to lazing about and eating way too much food, January first also means nearly mandatory New Year’s postcards in Japan. Next year is the year of the sheep (or goat, depending on who you ask), and the Japanese postal service has revealed their special postcard stamps featuring an adorable four-legged wool giver just for the occasion. However, eagle-eyed patrons with a good memory have noticed something special about the stamps…

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Adorable two-yen stamp distracts us from our anger over Japan’s impending tax hike

It’s less than a month until Japan’s consumption tax jumps from five to eight percent–a change few, if any, ordinary citizens are looking forward too. Practically everything is set to become more expensive in April, including some of the most fundamental necessities of life in Japan, such as train tickets, rice, Ebisu Beer, Asashi Beer, and even microbrews such as Doppo Beer.

An extensive search has produced exactly one thing related to the tax hike for us to look forward to: these adorable supplemental postage stamps.

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