These stamps may even make overdue bill statements seem less threatening.

On November 11th, a series of super adorable stamps is going to hit post offices around Japan. They feature all of the cutest and fuzziest house pets and creatures ranging anywhere from hamsters to hedgehogs.

They come in two types: a pack of ten 52 yen stamps for 520 yen (USD$5.07), or a pack of ten 82 yen stamps for 820 yen (USD$7.99).

▼ The 520 yen version features super fluffy bunnies, hamsters, chipmunks, and birds.


▼ On the 820 yen version, you’ll find hedgehogs, hamsters, bunnies, birds, chinchillas and ferrets.


There are even a couple of heart-shaped stamps. Awww!

These stamps are perfect for adding a cute touch to personal letters, or even to soften the blow of not-so-pleasant letters.

In any case, mark your calendars for November 11th, because that’s when the stamps will be available from Japan Post online or at branches across the country.

Sources: Netlab
Images: Netlab