How do I revert back this upgrade?!

We’ve seen before that Siri can have trouble understanding even the most simple of questions. But what if her misunderstanding wasn’t due to us being generally horrible at talking or having something wrong with her algorithms, but because she was specifically programmed to be that way?

The Shanghai-based YouTube comedy group Mamahuhu recently put up a video proposing just that, where they looked at how Siri might act if she were programmed to speak like an overbearing Chinese mother, also known as a Chinese Tiger Mom.

Watch the video here or scroll down for highlights:

▼ An innocent enough question to start off with…


▼ …that Chinese mom Siri totally shuts down.


▼ Chinese mom Siri can help you pick through potential boyfriends.
Apparently sunglasses = no.


▼ But tie and collared shirt = yes.
Thanks, Chinese mom Siri!


▼ Chinese mom Siri also has a function where it reminds you exactly
how old you’re getting every single day. How convenient!


Be sure to watch the rest of the video at Mamahuhu’s YouTube channel if you want to see what else Chinese mom Siri has in store.

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Source: YouTube/TMD Shanghai via Nextshark
Top image: YouTube/TMD Shanghai