Sure, Diesel can make a nice pair of jeans, but can it handle curry and deep-fried ham?

Apparently what every company in Japan really wants to do is cook delicious food for you. We just dined on Mercedes-Benz ramen in Tokyo’s Roppongi neighborhood, and for our next meal, we headed a few subway stops over to Shibuya to get something to eat at the Diesel store.


The Italian fashion brand is better known for denim and leather accessories than lunches and dinners, but its shop in Shibuya does have an attached restaurant, called the Glorious Chain Cafe, that’s managed by the company. While the cafe is a permanent fixture, it added a limited-time item to its menu on December 1, in the form of a special curry produced in collaboration with famous Tokyo restaurant Nikuyama.


Top-billing goes to the specially made ham cutlet that accompanies the curry and rice. The thick-cut ham is marinated for three days before being breaded and fried.


If you have a culinary background, you may recognize “ham” and “fried” as being two infallibly reliable harbingers of a delicious eating experience, and that’s definitely the case here. The breading has a satisfying crispness to it, but the meat itself remains juicy and overflowing with flavor.


There is a bit of a downside, though, in that you don’t get very much curry roux as part of the package. What curry you do get, thankfully, is plenty tasty, but that just makes us wish there was more of it.


Still, for 1,080 yen (US$9.50), this is definitely worth eating. The special ham cutlet curry will be available until December 31. It’s limited to just 30 orders a day, so you’ll want to arrive early, which should also give you time to digest if you’re planning to try on some skinny jeans afterwards.

Restaurant information
Glorious Chain Cafe / グロリアス チェーン カフェ
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 1-23-16 cocoti 1st floor
東京都渋谷区 渋谷1−23−16 cocoti 1階
Open 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m.

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