Like Hogwart’s Express, a new Japanese train is now getting its very own mysterious in-between platform.

The space in between train station platform numbers is one that’s been tantalising people around the world since the magical Platform 9¾ captured people’s imaginations in the Harry Potter series of books and movies. Sadly, the closest thing we’ve been able to get to an in-between platform in the real world is the brick-wall sign set up for tourists at London’s King’s Cross Station, but that’s all set to change now that East Japan Railway Company has revealed plans for a Platform 13½ at Ueno Station in Tokyo.


Located in between platforms 13 and 14, the new structure will be reserved for exclusive use by a new luxury train called the “Train Suite Shiki-shima”, due to make its inaugural run in May next year. The hybrid electric/diesel deluxe sleeping-car train features mind-blowing luxury suites on board, and two to four-day tours to far-flung destinations around the country.


The magical experience of the new high-class train ride will start even before passengers step foot on board, with an exclusive lounge area called “Prologue Shiki-shima”.


After relaxing in the lounge area, passengers will then proceed to the special entrance to Platform 13½, which appears to be visible to Muggles as well.


Then it’s on to the exclusive platform, where there’s certain to be a huddle of photographers around any sign that says “Platform 13½”. Only those boarding the luxury train will be able to walk this path though, and with prices starting at 320,000 yen (US$2,823) per person, it’s a luxury only the richest of Muggles will be able to afford.


Still, with foot baths, split-level rooms, and maximum room for 34 passengers on board, a trip on the Train Suite Shiki-shima will definitely be an experience to remember. To see just what type of luxurious interiors await travellers, check out our story here, and if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, visit the official website to make your booking ahead of the inaugural run!

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Images: JR East Press Release