More Star Wars, we say! More!

With a (mostly) worldwide release of Rogue One: a Star Wars story in the books, many fans have already braved the lines, the cold, or both to see it. If you haven’t had the chance to see the movie yet, there are still plenty of ways for you to get your Star Wars fix including this artistic Twitter user @nohofrog who has been giving the galaxy far, far away an anime makeover. 

▼ Three new characters who debut in Rogue One: Cassian, Jyn and K-2SO.

▼ Some new favorites from Episode VII.

▼ Rey, looking fierce and ready to start her Jedi training.

▼  A very epic picture of Kylo Ren.

▼ It’s hard to go wrong with the classics!

▼ Though the prequels are disliked by many people, this is fantastic.

Not afraid of mixing timelines, nohofrog skillfully draws characters together that span the entire Star Wars movie franchise.

▼ Somehow it looks like Obi-Wan is getting Han and Poe into trouble.

▼ It’s a startling contrast of what each character was doing at 19 years old.

▼ BB-8 would obviously roll around Hoth to meet a tauntaun

Nohofrog isn’t content to just draw Star Wars characters though, they also let their canvas run a little wild and imagine what would happen if Star Wars characters had Pokémon companions.

▼ Poe seems to have an affinity for orange robots and Pokémon like Dedenne.

▼ Anakin and Talonflame would be a great team.

▼ Noctowl and Obi-Wan are here to save the day!

▼ If Poe and Dedenne are friends, certainly BB-8 would want to get in on that friendship.

There is plenty more to love over on the @nohofrog Twitter page, so be sure to check it out, or head on over to their pixiv page for a closer look.

While you are watching Rogue One this holiday season, just remember that it’s another 355 agonizing days and counting until Episode VIII, so enjoy some fun Star Wars ukiyo-e print goodies in the meantime!

Source: Twitter/@nohofrog via Dorkly
Featured image: Twitter/@nohofrog