You’re crying, they’re crying, we’re all crying. As good a reason as any to see the movie!

Though Star Wars day is May 4th (“May the fourth be with you”), December seems to be turning into Star Wars month. Last December fans were gifted with Episode VII, the first Star Wars movie in over ten years to grace the silver screens, and now Star Wars fans didn’t even have to wait for Episode VIII to get more fun from the galaxy far, far away – we only had to make it until December 16, 2016 for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Fans have been waiting in anticipation for the movie since they caught a glimpse of the classic elements of a Star Wars movie in the Rogue One trailers: epic starship battles, rebels fighting against the Empire, and hope. Well, a Philippines-based campaign called #CreateCourage is teaming up with Rogue One to inspire a little bit of hope in all of us, but also some serious emotions.

The video features a pair of siblings, one who wears a stormtrooper hoodie and the other who wears a stormtrooper helmet. As the older brother escorts the younger sibling through town, the school, and finally delivers them to their classroom, the school children and teachers try very hard not to stare at the “oddly” dressed child.


▼ Some of them are really bad at it….


You might start wondering why the younger sibling is always wearing the helmet, but the question remains at the back of your mind as you follow the two through scenes of playtime and endearing love. You see some brief scenes of Rogue One as the two set up a DIY projector to watch the trailer, but then a new day appears and they’re back at school. To the surprise of everyone, the classmates and teachers have all put on stormtrooper helmets for their friend who is required to carry around an oxygen tank.



It’s hard not to get a touch emotional when kids show off their big hearts. While the promotional video was produced by a telecommunications company in the Philippines promoting their #CreateCourage campaign for Star Wars related prizes, it doesn’t lessen the emotional impact we feel… or the number of tissues we’ve used already. Just as (the real-life manga-loving) Finn in Episode VII showed us, even stormtroopers can have a good side.

Source: YouTube/globeph via Yomyomf
Images: YouTube/globeph