Watch Kaifeng City’s finest leap out a window to pull a would-be jumper off a ledge.

On 14 December a suicide attempt took place in Kaifeng City, Henan when a woman in her 20s climbed onto the top of the bay window of an apartment. Emergency workers rushed to the scene and came up with a plan as can be seen in the following video.

As a woman sits beneath the jumper, trying to talk her down, a firefighter takes advantage of her distraction and climbs outside the bay window of the apartment above.

Then without sparing an instant, he hops down, grabs the jumper, and pushes her through the window below, all in a matter of seconds.

It’s an impressive feat of professionalism and bravery, putting me to even further shame when think about how much I have to fumble to pick up just a tossed set of keys. As such the fireman in question has been receiving widespread praise on the net in China for his heroic deeds.

Let that be a lesson for all people looking to make the mistake of taking their own lives. The Chinese fire-department have some serious Cirque du Soleil skills at their disposal and will get the drop on you in the end.

However, even if they are all busy rescuing a cat from a mousetrap (which is sometimes known to happen), neighbors in China are also more than willing to step in a pull someone back from the edge.

Source: YouTube/Zuire videos via Toychan (Japanese)
Images: YouTube/Zuire videos