The coat is sure to appeal to fans of both felines and fashion.

Sometimes, when you’re heading off to a stylish cat cafe, you want to look the part. You want to show up looking fashionable enough to fit in with your surroundings, but you also want to show the world how much you love cats with what you wear. It’s hard enough finding the balance between ‘stylish adult woman’ and ‘crazy cat lady’, and as any cat lover will tell you, sometimes style has to be scrapped, because getting cat hair stuck to your clothes is a real pain.  Especially with items like coats, stray cat hairs stick out like a sore thumb, and are pretty time consuming to remove.

Luckily, Japanese company and feline fanatic Felissimo is offering cat fans the opportunity to pet some pussies without worrying about pesky hairs getting stuck to their clothes. Their new coat, called the “Gorgeous Coat Designed with Smooth Material to Resist Cat Hairs” is designed with a material that is hard for cat hairs to get stuck to. The coat also has a cute inner lining with an adorable cat pattern.

▼ A normal coat vs. the Cat Coat, both pictures taken after brushing off the cat hairs by hand

▼ Testing out different materials for the Cat Coat

According to the company website, a range of different materials were tested to see which one was the most fur-resistant. The team behind the coat design, named the Felissimo Cat Department, even used cat hairs from their own pets to conduct the tests. In the end, the team went with a 100-percent polyester finish as, while seeming a little thin, it was able to resist cat hairs well.

As the material is relatively thin, the coat would be ideal for use from early autumn to early spring, with some extra inner layers needed for the chilly winter months. The silhouette of the coat was designed after surveying customers on their ideal coat style. As the design is pretty basic, it is easy to co-ordinate with a lot of your wardrobe. It’s a versatile length, too, coming down to your knees.

▼ The coat is roomy enough that you can wear a lot of layers underneath in the winter months.

▼ The design of the inner lining is adorned with kitties too!

This coat is perfect for any cat fan. Simple enough that adults can wear it without feeling embarrassed, the coat gives off a cool, stylish vibe. And if you want to proudly display your love for felines, you can turn up the sleeves to show the cat pattern as an accent.


The coat comes in sizes ranging from Japanese M to 3L. You can check the exact sizing measurements and reserve your own feline-friendly coat from the Felissimo website here for 10,870 yen (US$103), with 198 yen from every coat sold going to the Felissimo Cat Fund, which is used to re-home cats and help neuter stray cats.

While you’re waiting for your new coat to arrive, why not gather up all the cat hairs you find around the house and make a new accessory for your feline friend like this guy did?

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Featured image: Pakutaso
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