Taking “all you can eat” to new and obnoxiously disgusting heights in 2016.

RocketNews24’s Japanese-language reporters have developed a rep for adding gross amounts of extras to food orders. It all began when Mr. Sato made a name for himself online by eating mass amounts of grilled onions, cheese slices and bacon strips on burgers. But too much extraneous eating stretched out the lining of Mr. Sato’s stomach, so he’s taken a step back from shock eating and mostly passed on the torch now to his fellow writer P.K. Sanjun. In 2016, P.K. continued Mr Sato’s proud tradition by attempting to add 10,000 yen (US$85) worth of extras to food orders from various establishments.

Here’s the top five gross and gluttonous food orders of 2016! (Click the links for the full stories).

85 bucks of pickles at Burger King

If you’re one of those heathens who picks your delicious salty pickles out of your burger, then our first experiment may make you cringe. But, by and large, pickles are a very popular food in Japan and our wacky Japanese staff reckon that Burger King could be a little bit more generous with the servings. But how generous are they with a crisp 10,000 yen note to sweeten the deal?



85 bucks of deep-fried beef cutlets at Coco Ichiban-ya

Japanese curry rice is a yummy, hearty dish all on its own, but spoon that brown stuff over some crunchy, meaty cutlets and you’ve got culinary heaven. So just how many cutlets does 85 bucks get you? We had to know for ourselves…



85 bucks of fried tempura shrimp at Tenya

What’s a tempura shrimp bowl with only a few measly pieces of tempura shrimp? We decided to go crazy and pile the prawns up high with this greasy yet crisp Mount Fuji of a ten-don bowl.



85 bucks of sweetcorn on pizza from Pizza Hut

Sweetcorn is a popular topping on pizza in Japan, but what happened when we asked for 85 bucks’ worth of the yellow gold on top of our Pizza Hut pizza?



85 bucks of extra beef on gyudon at Yoshinoya

Nobody goes to fast-food beef bowl joint Yoshinoya for the white rice. It’s all about meat, and lots of it! So naturally we decided to beef up our order with plenty of meaty topping.



As you can see from these experiments, that famous Japanese customer service will get you exactly what you order, no matter how insane – as long as you can stump up enough cash to cover it!

What special extras do you challenge RocketNews24 to consume in 2017?

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