This is Japan’s oldest tempura restaurant, and it’s awesome

Its founder started out with a street-side food stall in Japan’s samurai era, and his restaurant is still serving customers in Tokyo today.

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Crazy Tokyo restaurant offers a 7.3-pound tempura rice bowl, so of course we had to eat it!

Can’t decide between tempura and pork cutlet? This restaurant lets you have both in ridiculously large quantities.

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We visited a tempura shop that allowed customers to discard miso soup clam shells on the floor

The store’s odd practice is a stark contrast to Japan’s stance on cleanliness.

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We try “Japan’s best-selling miso soup” and it melts the cold in our bones

A visit to the mushroom kingdom to see if 600,000 fans could possibly be wrong, and also to eat some amazing ramen.

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We investigate the “secret menu” at Tendon Tenya: vegetable tempura for 210 yen?!

Mr. Sato knows a cheap way to chow down on Japan’s flaky fried food rice bowls, so he shared the trick with all of us!
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We enjoy oyster tempura max on rice at tempura chain Tenya!【Pics】

How many fried oysters can we pile on top of a bowl of rice? We find out at the Japanese tempura chain Tenya!

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Mos Burger fries up an unusual fusion with Tempura Rice Bowl Burgers

Ever wanted to combine the classic Japanese tempura rice bowl with a Western favorite, the burger? No? Too bad, because Mos Burger has done it for you.
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Seven diet-sabotaging Japanese foods to avoid…or seek out!

Despite its healthy holier-than-thou image, Japanese food has more than a few calorific goodies/evil temptations.

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Japan’s clam chowder tempura is jiggly and crazy, but how does it taste? We find out

We imagined that this would be either amazingly good or excruciatingly bad, and we were right.

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Udon chain’s awesome “Tempura Pass” deal works out to less than 10 yen per piece over five weeks

Prepaid tempura plan is totally the way to go, and even lets you choose fried chicken if that’s what your heart desires.

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Clam chowder tempura being offered by Japan’s most popular tempura restaurant chain

Tenya buries the lede (under other types of tempura) in its new “Bacon Chicken Tempura Bowl.”

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Five times our Japanese-language reporters added 85 bucks of “extras” to food orders in 2016

Taking “all you can eat” to new and obnoxiously disgusting heights in 2016.

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Laze about the house like a piece of tempura with the Fried Prawn Wearable Sleeping Bag!

Whether you’re looking for an unusual Halloween costume or a cosy outfit to snuggle up in, this crazy bread-crumbed number will make all your fried food fantasies come true!

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Waste not, want not: Japanese netizens share delicious ways they prepare watermelon rinds

If you thought the red flesh was the only edible part of a watermelon, this is for you!

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Cheapo News: Dine on a great-tasting tempura rice bowl for just 130 yen at this Tokyo chain

Marugame Udon, a ubiquitous Tokyo noodle shop, serves this delicious “hidden” menu item for just 130 yen.

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Here’s what happens when you order US$80 worth of extra shrimp for your tempura bowl in Tokyo

Is it possible to have too many tempura shrimp? No, of course not. Don’t be silly.

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Who needs fast food? Tokyo tempura totaling less than 10 bucks

Here at RocketNews24, two of the things we love most are delicious foods in our bellies and cash in our wallets. Unfortunately, those two things don’t always go hand-in-hand, especially in the Michelin star-studded culinary landscape of Tokyo.

But in a city as big as Tokyo, you can find just about anything with a little searching. Even if you’re totally bereft of folding money, you can still get a great meal in Japan’s capital, and you don’t have to settle for eating at a fast food chain either. On the menu today: a nine-piece tempura meal in the heart of Tokyo for less than 1,000 yen (US$8).

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10 distinctly Japanese comfort foods

Comfort food” is traditional cooking that tends to have a nostalgic or sentimental connection, often one related to family or childhood: the grilled cheese sandwiches your mother used to make; the thought of your grandmother’s bread pudding makes your mouth water; the way the whole house would be filled with the intoxicating aroma of roasted turkey or ham at Christmas? Because of such memories, these foods comfort us, especially when we’re longing for home or feeling especially vulnerable.

Not surprisingly, the sentimental Japanese have their own comfort foods. While you might think they’d be waxing over the octopus tentacles of home, very few of the dishes we’re about to talk about have much to do with seafood. Many Japanese comfort foods have a rice connection and may even center around the unique relationship between mothers or wives and their role in family food preparation. And in Japan, make no mistake about it–her kitchen rules!

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We leap into autumn by eating a pack of tempura maple leaves

Earlier this month, we found out that the city of Mino, in Osaka, has been selling tempura maple leaves for at least a hundred years. Since we’ve made it our mission in life to eat everything that can be deep-fried (barring non-food items like deep-fried scissors), we immediately called Hisakuni Kosendo, one Mino’s maple-cooking outfits, and ordered a pack to try for ourselves.

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Think you’ve had every type of tempura? Not until you’ve eaten deep-fried maple leaves

Autumn is a great time of year in Japan. The sticky humidity of summer is gone, but it’s still warm enough to enjoy spending time outdoors. Best of all, there’s the spectacular show of the leaves changing to vivid reds and dazzling yellows.

For me though, fall comes with one major drawback, which is that for the whole season, it seems like the mixed tempura set at every restaurant I go to is packed with mushrooms. If you’re a fan of Japan’s many types of edible fungi, this is a major plus, but if you can’t stand the things, you might be feeling a little left-out.

Take heart, though, because there’s still a way to form a deep-fried connection to autumn with tempura maple leaves.

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