The contents of this lucky bag are sure to delight fans of KFC.

With 2017 being the Year of the Rooster, this is the year for KFC to reign supreme, and the fried chicken specialists started the New Year on the right foot with a 2,500-yen (US$21.30) lucky bag. Out of all the fukubukuro we’ve seen so far, this one comes with the least amount of items inside, but that doesn’t mean there’s less to love about the special offering.


The lucky bag contains vouchers for five lots of two-piece chicken sets, valued at 2,450 yen. This means that the rest of the contents inside the bag, and the bag itself, are basically included for free!


There’s also another set of coupons included, which can be used for an unlimited amount of times until 28 February.


Proving that KFC knows what its fans want, a bottle of Honey Maple sauce is thrown into the lucky grab bag as the main star item. The sweet sauce, which also appeared in the fast food chain’s 2015 fukubukuro, is so popular that it was released for sale in limited quantities at a number of outlets around the country earlier this year. Customers who missed out on the release will be happy to know that they’ve now got another chance to get their hands on the highly sought after product with the 2017 fukubukuro.


The cotton tote bag itself is an improvement on KFC lucky bags from previous years, with this one being the sturdiest we’ve seen so far this year. The insulated pouch fits inside the bag perfectly, making it an ideal bag for carrying food and drink to springtime hanami picnics.


As with all lucky bags, the contents may differ from bag to bag but for avid fans of the Colonel’s fried chicken, the vouchers alone easily make up for the purchase price. And while you’re picking up one of their lucky bags, you can pick up one of their New Year’s boxes too, for an unusual twist on traditional Japanese fare that’s surprisingly fitting for the Year of the Rooster.

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