Pokémon and Mister Donut lucky bags continue to be a sure thing for fans of the series and sweets.

Donuts and Pokémon share a psychological characteristic in that they’re both more or less immune to buyer’s remorse. We honestly can’t remember a time when we regretted purchasing either, and so we’re happy that once again Japanese donut chain Mister Donut is teaming up with the Pokémon franchise to celebrate the end of the year with lucky bags.

Lucky bags, or fukubukuro, as they’re called in Japanese, are blind-buy bundles offered at the New Year’s season. Originally, they were primarily a way for merchants to get rid of leftover inventory, with the bags often containing heavily discounted items that hadn’t sold at regular price, and so depending on the contents, you may or may not think the bag is all that “lucky” when you look inside.

The Mister Donut Pokémon lucky bag, though, is a pretty sure thing, since you know for sure you’re getting donuts and adorable Pokémon, items. It’s just the exact style of adorableness that’s up to chance. For example, everyone who buys the 1,100-yen (US$9.60) fukubukuro gets 10 donut coupons which can be redeemed for Mr. Donut goodies of your choice regularly priced at 160 yen or lower. So right there, you’re already 500 yen ahead, and you also get a Pokémon calendar and one of two reusable eco shopping bags.

▼ Maybe you get the Pikachu me-time one, or maybe you get the one with Pikachu, Eevee, Pochama, Glaceon, , Leafeon, Buneary, and Pachirisu.

Stepping up to the 2,200-yen bag gets you 20 free donut coupons (again, worth more than the entire bundle), the calendar and eco bag, and a zipper bag and pouch to join them.

▼ The possible zipper bag and pouch designs

At 3,300 yen, the donut coupon count increases to (you guessed it) 30, and plus the above-mentioned items, you get one of five schedule books and one of two masking tape rolls.

▼ In recent years, masking tape has become a major part of anime/video game character merch lineups in Japan.

And last, while the 50 free donut coupons is definitely a attractive part of the 5,500-yen lucky bag, the real star of the bundle is the amazingly cute Pikachu donut cushion you get, in addition to the items from the less-expensive fukubukuro.

The Mister Donut Pokémon lucky bags go on sale December 26 and will be available in limited quantities. Really, the only downside is that you have to redeem your free donut coupons by the end of May, but the coupons can be registered to multiple smartphones with the Mister Donut app, making them easy to share with friends and families. Or, obviously, you could just eat them all yourself, since you’ll conveniently have a nice new Pokémon calendar to plan your snack runs with.

Source, images: PR Times
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