This is one of the best value-for-money bags you can buy in Japan at New Year! 

With Christmas now over and New Year’s looming up on the horizon, it’s time to start splurging on lucky grab bags known as “fukubukuro“. These bags are a New Year’s tradition in Japan, and though they often contain mystery contents that are worth more than what you pay for, local doughnut chain Mister Donut prefers to spill the beans on what their fukubukuro contain, and with good reason, because their bags are filled with Pokémon goods.

▼ The Mister Donut x Pokémon bags went on sale on 26 December, and they were so hotly anticipated that crowds lined up for them before stores opened.

One of the people in line for a bag was our reporter Tasuku Egawa, who found there were three types to choose from, priced at either 2,400 yen (US$18.11), 3,600 yen, or 5,900 yen.

Egawa went for the most expensive bag, which was the best value for money as it gives you 9,350 yen worth of doughnuts for 5,900 yen, plus a bundle of goods. So let’s take a look and see what Egawa received in his Mister Donut x Pokémon lucky bag, starting with the cute voucher that nets him 50 free doughnuts, priced up to 187 yen each, to be used by 31 May.

▼ That’s 9,350 yen worth of doughnuts right there

Just the voucher alone makes this a fantastic deal, but the free goods included in the bag make things even sweeter.

▼ There’s a bath towel…

▼ …a hand towel…

▼ …a tote bag…

▼ …a clear file…

▼ …a notepad…

▼…a 2023 calendar…

▼ …and, last but not least, a schedule book.

The schedule book is the only random element in these lucky bags, so Egawa was thrilled to see he received the one with Pikachu on the cover — that really was lucky!

▼ The five designs can be seen on the bottom right of this promotional display.

The cheapest bag nets you 20 doughnuts and a tote bagcalendar, memo pad, and hand towel, while the 3,600-yen lucky bag includes all that plus a clear file, schedule book, and an extra 10 doughnuts. The 5,900-yen bag is the only one to include everything plus even more doughnuts and the bath towel, so that was the one most people were purchasing when Egawa visited the store on release day.

Whichever bag you choose, you certainly won’t be disappointed as you get more than your money’s worth with just the doughnut voucher alone. And if you get in before the end of the year, you can use that voucher to purchase a Jigglypuff doughnut while they’re on sale as well!

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