The popular fast food chain brightens up 2017 with an adorable collection of Sumikkogurashi character merchandise.

Lotteria has come a long way since it was founded in Japan by a Korean entrepreneur in 1972. It now has franchises in South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and of course, Japan, where it continues to come out with innovative new releases like noodle burgers, meal sets served up in shinkansen bullet train packaging, and purple-sauce monstrosities for Halloween.

Now that it’s time to ring in the New Year, Lotteria is choosing to do it with a good dose of local charm, teaming up with a cast of Japanese characters known collectively as “Sumikkogurashi”, which translates to “Corner Living”. These cute creatures are used to spending time in the corner, but for a limited time Lotteria is bringing them out into the spotlight with their lucky bag for 2017.


First up, we have a sheet of coupons, which gets you items like a cheeseburger, a shrimp burger, a teriyaki burger, two medium fries and two medium drinks, all for free. The coupons are roughly equal in price to the 2,000-yen (US$17.12) cost of the lucky bag itself, so all the cute character goods are an added bonus!


▼ The Sumikkogurashi characters can be seen frolicking around on a number of items, like this cute place mat.


▼ This five-piece paper cup and paper plate set…


▼ A sweet cloth tote bag…


▼ And an adorable mini fleece blanket.lotteria-3

If you’ve already fallen in love with the cute characters and need to know more about about them, check out their introductory video below:

Personally, we’ve developed a soft spot for the character known as Ebi Fry no Shippo (Fried Prawn Tail), not only because it’s utterly adorable but because it gets left behind on the corner of people’s plates, seeing as it’s hard to eat. We’ll never put you in the corner again, Ebi Fry no Shippo! At least not while you’re one of the stars of this new collaboration!

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