Cat doesn’t have our tongue, but it is hogging up all the available sunlight.

Though the countries above the equator are happy to have gotten past the shortest day of the year (December 21), it’s still several more months before the amount of daylight equals the nighttime. That’s why a lot of us feel it’s important to soak up as much of the sunshine as we can get, wherever that light may be.

Cats definitely know the importance of this concept as they will go to great lengths to find and follow that delightful heat. If you’re having a hard time finding your precious feline on a sunny day, look no further than the rays of light arcing across your home. Whatever beam of sunshine is falling in your house, that’s where they’ll surely be. Such is the case with this sun-loving kitty, who found a most peculiar place and way to perfectly hit that beam of warmth and light.

The closed eyes and the scrunched up face makes it look like the cat is either ultra comfortable, or about to make us an offer we can’t refuse! It takes some quality balance and the supreme sleeping powers of a cat to find just the right way to take a power nap in this sunny situation.

▼ Also being willing to sacrifice your senses for some sun.


Whatever it is that motivates cats to be so amazingly cat-like, we hope they never lose it. Whether they’re playfully discovering the world around them, or finding other odd places to catnap, we can at least be thankful for one thing: we’re pretty sure this cat wasn’t trying to pose for a photoshoot that showed off some furry balls.

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@akasofa