Trick your friends into thinking that you own an actual polar bear, all while supporting WWF.

Have you ever wanted to keep a polar bear as a pet? Well, you still can’t do that, but the Japanese company Animals as Art has made it possible for you to live with this life-like polar bear figure. You’ll feel just as if you’re living with a mother polar bear and her cub that sleep all the time. It’s pretty much the same as a cat, right?


These polar bear figures are made completely with materials that don’t harm animals. That includes everything from the skin to the claws and even to those scary-looking teeth. The fur is even made with the same realistic materials used for animal figures on Hollywood sets.


Each bear is crafted by three master figure producers and five assistants. The main producer has over 30 years of experience making figures for movie sets like Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy and Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Now let’s talk cash. These masterpiece polar bears don’t come cheap. The Adult and Cub set costs a whopping 13,400,000 yen (US $117,005). No, that’s not a typo. The adult polar bear by itself costs 8,900,000 yen ($77,700). As of now, the cub isn’t being sold by itself.


While that may be a hefty price tag, Animals as Art will donate one-percent of their profits to WWF Japan. That means when you purchase an Adult and Cub set, you’ll get a huge and realistic pair of bears and donate 134,000 yen to a charity that benefits actual animals.

If you’re wealthy (and/or crazy) enough to purchase one of these brilliant creations, send us pics or it didn’t happen. And if you still want a big fluffy animal in your life that’s a little more affordable, might be suggest a giant realistic cat head instead?

Source: Animals as Art via Cinema Cafe