Different designs recommended depending on wearer’s taste in men.

You won’t find the word konkatsu in most Japanese textbooks or dictionaries, but it’s become a common part of the lexicon for discussing life in modern Japan. A combination of pieces of the words kekkon (“marriage”) and katsuyaku (“activity”), konkatsu refers to proactive attempts by Japanese singles, usually women, in hopes of finding a romantic partner who’s also a solid marriage prospect.

To support its customers konkatsu ambitions, Japanese contact lens maker Acorde is promoting three of its contact lenses as just the thing for women looking to land a husband. While they’re all colored contact lenses, the shades are relatively subdued, for a look that’s attractively eye-catching without being showy.

Acorde even goes so far as to recommend specific lenses based on what kind of man a woman is hoping to make a special connection with. For women who prefer men who take the initiative in courtship, Acorde says its Daily Series, which produces a “kind and soothing impression,” is the way to go.


Meanwhile, those looking for a guy with a great sense of humor and fun-loving attitude should pop in a pair of Weekend Series contacts, which impart a bright, energetic aura.


And finally, for women who picture themselves falling for a considerate, supportive guy, there’s the elegant, intelligent-looking Holiday Series.


The disposable contact lenses can be purchased from a variety of sellers, with a partial list available here on Acorde’s website. There’s no scientific data indicating just how effective the lenses are in attracting a husband, but as legitimate vision correctors, even if they don’t bring the man of your dreams running to you, they should at least enable you to scope out your surroundings and spot any attractive individuals who’re nearby.

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