Contact lenses

Now you can own the eyes of “once in a millennium” idol Kanna Hashimoto

Taking idol worship to a whole other level.  

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New colored contact lenses will help near-sighted Japanese women land a husband, maker claims

Different designs recommended depending on wearer’s taste in men.

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In real life, anime character contact lenses would be freakishly huge 【Anime Isn’t Like Reality】

They must spend a fortune on cleaning solution.

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We’re not sure if these cat’s eye contacts are cute or creepy

Cosmetics company Eye Style teams with popular Japanese cosplayer Nekomu Otogi to release these cute but disturbing cat’s eye contact lenses.

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Anime Contact lenses will give you the shimmering eyes of a manga heroine 【Photos】

The first thing that many people notice about the eyes of anime characters is how big they are, but that’s not the only thing that makes those 2-D peepers special. Through the magic of Japanese animation, anime eyes shine so brightly they almost look like they’re made of crystal or some other equally lustrous precious stones.

Of course, real eyes aren’t so reflective, but if you’ve got your heart set on your eyes sparkling like your favorite anime heroine, you can now achieve the look with the just-released line of anime-style contact lenses.

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Sailor Moon color contacts are here to make your eyes look out of this world

With the hundreds of TV episodes and multiple theatrical features that make up the franchise, for decades fans have had their eyes fixed on Sailor Moon. Now, though, they’re getting the opportunity to turn things around and fix Sailor Moon to their eyes, with a new line of decorative contact lenses from anime’s most successful magical girl series ever.

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