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With the hundreds of TV episodes and multiple theatrical features that make up the franchise, for decades fans have had their eyes fixed on Sailor Moon. Now, though, they’re getting the opportunity to turn things around and fix Sailor Moon to their eyes, with a new line of decorative contact lenses from anime’s most successful magical girl series ever.

Although these are officially licensed tie-ins to the currently streaming reboot Sailor Moon Crystal, the contacts won’t magically expand your irises to the oversized style common in anime, nor will they cause them to take on the vivid hue of a digitally painted frame of Japanese animation. Instead, the five different designs are each inspired by one of the inner Sailor Senshi.

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The lenses match pastel tints of the corresponding image colors for each character. Sailor Moon’s design obviously has a crescent moon motif, and the Jupiter lenses feature a rose pattern similar to the earrings worn by the surprisingly feminine tallest and physically strongest of the core cast.

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Sailor Venus’ hearts are also an apt choice, as the “Ai” portion of the family name of her secret identity, Minako Aino, is written with the Japanese character for “love.” We don’t know what connection stars have to Sailor Mars, however, and we’re not entirely sure what Mercury’s design is even supposed to be. They’re both attractive enough, though, and besides, we’re not about to get into a debate with the supremely intelligent Mercury or pick a fight with the consistently short-tempered Mars.

Each two-piece set of the one-month, non-corrective contacts is priced at 2,484 yen (US$21) and comes packaged in a color-coded box adorned with the somewhat redundant English text “Eyes become beautiful and it’s easy on your eyes.”

▼ We think they mean that the lenses are designed to be comfortable even during extended periods of wear.

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Online preorders start January 19 here through Internet retailer Petitbeaumo’s Sho-Bi Online Store. If you prefer the instant gratification of shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll ironically have to wait until they go on sale on January 27, exclusively at the Shibuya Udagawa and Nagoya Chuo branches of novelty goods shop Village Vanguard.

▼ Don’t forget to pick up a pack of Resident Evil curry while you’re there!

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