Who ever said that brushing your teeth had to be boring?

That’s right, you can now turn the mundane act of brushing your teeth into a sweet indulgence with the “Herb Toothpaste Mint Chocolate flavor” from Japanese catalog and online retailer Claudia. Apparently, they’ve made a toothpaste that tastes like mint chocolate!


Of course, it also does all the things regular toothpaste is supposed to do, like preventing cavities, removing plaque, and freshening your breath, so this isn’t just for fun; you’ll actually be cleaning your teeth too.

▼ See the little black specks that look like miniature chocolate chips!


The ingredients in the toothpaste include mint/peppermint oil to give it a refreshing mint flavor.


The product page explains that while brushing your teeth with any regular toothpaste helps you feel refreshed, this item has the added benefit of providing you with the aftertaste of chocolate, which hopefully will have the effect of satisfying your sweet tooth. For people who find it hard to stay away from sweet snacks, brushing your teeth with this toothpaste just might help stave off those after-meal chocolate cravings. In fact, the retailers are suggesting “If you want to have chocolate, brush your teeth instead!” as a new diet slogan! Hmm, toothpaste as a diet aid … that’s a new concept.


▼ They also have a promotional video introducing the unique toothpaste.

The Herb Toothpaste Mint Chocolate flavor is available from Claudia’s online shop for 1,800 yen (US$15.85) a tube, which we guess is somewhat pricey, but it should certainly make a fun gift for anyone who likes chocolate. The product is being marketed as a Valentine’s Day item, but anything chocolate-flavored is always welcome in our books, regardless of the time of year, so we hope they continue to sell the toothpaste after the big V-Day, at least for a while. And yeah, okay, it might not be all that effective as a weight loss tool, but we have to say, it should sure make brushing your teeth a whole lot more enjoyable!

Source, images: ValuePress!