New commercial shows people in Japan offending foreigners with their stinky breath【Video】

Survey says one in two foreigners have been bummed out by meeting Japanese people with bad breath.

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Spice up your dental hygiene — with mint chocolate flavored toothpaste from Japan!

Who ever said that brushing your teeth had to be boring?

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Does mint ice cream really taste like toothpaste and breath mints? RN24’s Meg finds out 【Video】

Our Japanese-language reporter Meg sets out to defend the honor of her favorite ice cream flavor by eating a breat mint sundae, and also makes her English RocketNews24 video debut.

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Add some spice to your morning routine with wasabi toothpaste

It looks like wasabi, feels like wasabi, and tastes like wasabi, but this small green tube is actually filled with toothpaste. Wasabi flavored toothpaste. Yes, the popular Japanese condiment that accompanies sushi can now be enjoyed while brushing your teeth – as long as you don’t mind a few extra tears in the morning.

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From spicy curry to delicious charcoal – 7 bizarre toothpastes on sale in Japan

You’re probably well aware that the Japanese are fond of creating food and beverages in unusual flavors and splicing things together, but guess what? That trait can be found in their toothpaste as well. Here are seven odd-tasting toothpastes available in Japan that you might, or perhaps might not, want to brush your teeth with!

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Thanks to Neonisin We May Soon Be Able to Eat Toothpaste Worry Free

Have you ever had one of those nights when you’re starving but had no food in the house? Struggling for ideas you scrounge up two slices of bread and a tube of toothpaste- it almost looks like a marshmallow fluff sandwich. For those daring enough to try it, chances of cramping and diarrhea await due to the various additives such as fluoride.

It’s the eternal dilemma: toothpaste tastes great, and yet if we eat it we’re told that we can get sick or in the case of copious amounts even die. Why do we torture ourselves by keeping little tasty tubes of poison around the house?

Soon we may not have to anymore thanks to Neonisin, an all-natural and completely edible toothpaste that is just as efficient against germs as regular chemical-laden brands.

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