Sapporo’s Nagoyaka-tei takes full responsibility for these (literally) over the top roe-lover’s rolls. 

Restaurants on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido are famous for their emphasis on fresh seafood and ingredients of the season. Even relatively inexpensive conveyor belt sushi restaurants, such as the Hokkaido-based chain of Nagoyaka-tei (なごやか亭), boast some gourmet local delicacies. In fact, this establishment actually popped up on our own list of the seven best conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Sapporo!

While Nagoyaka-tei’s signature kobore-zushi (“spilling-over sushi”) isn’t a new addition to the menu, it’s been experiencing a surge in interest from around the country thanks to social media platforms spreading photos of the heavenly rolls, such as these snapshots of ikura (salmon roe) shown below:

A video posted by Twitter user @kabe_chirami late last month shows that the whole restaurant erupts into a ritualized chant as the sushi chef deposits spoonful after heaping spoonful of roe over the gunkan-maki rice and seaweed shell:

That’s not all, because salmon roe isn’t the only sushi topping to have a “spilling-over” form at Nagoyaka-tei — check out these mounds of amaebi (sweet shrimp) sushi, too!


Now, all of that’s the meaning of true roe-mance, is it not? If you’re now looking for the nearest Nagoyaka-tei location, be sure to check their website for more information.

Source: Twitter/@kabe_chirami
Top image: Twitter/@unknownOtsu