Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee the backstory some think lies behind this picture.

Sometime last week, Japanese Twitter user @_162k spied a poster from Fukuoka sushi restaurant Sushi Fuji-Ken Sengyo-Ten which was promoting a gigantic piece of sushi. While the ad’s simple description of “Ten times the usual size! The ‘rolled over and can’t get up’ tuna sushi. One plate is 1,728 yen (US$15.20)” was innocent and playful enough, he couldn’t help interpreting the picture in a different manner.   

Before we share his interpretation with you, what is your first reaction upon seeing the picture?

OK? Now let’s check if it’s the same as @_162k’s idea:

“I like this picture because it looks like all of the grandchildren sushi are caring for the big sushi on its deathbed.”

Indeed, now that we’ve seen the veritable deathbed scene, we can’t manage to unsee it! The “grandchildren” sushi certainly look like they’re about to give a eulogy for their fallen family member.

Other net users also weighed in on the scene, leaving comments such as the following:  

“Now I can’t look at it any other way!”
“Never thought I’d read the words ‘sushi funeral.’ ”
“The ikura (salmon roe) sushi is leading the prayers.”
“I don’t think it’s possible to down that piece in only one bite!”

In any case, we send our condolences, grandchildren sushi. We’ll be sure to give your elder a proper burial in our stomachs.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@_162k