Curry or cake…. Why not both?

What did you get your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Did you buy some fun or beautiful chocolates, or perhaps a bouquet of roses? One Japanese Twitter user got creative for the holiday this year, and her creation pretty much takes the cake.

On Valentine’s Day, @koneko_t posted photos on her Twitter page of a cake she had made for her husband, but this wasn’t just any cake. At first glance, it looks just like a plate of Japanese curry rice, with chucks of carrots, potatoes, beef, and slices of onion, but a closer look reveals that it’s not quite what it seems!

The “rice” is probably the first give-away, which in reality is a white sponge cake topped with cake crumbs. The curry is a mix of chocolate and mango puree, the carrots and potatoes are chunks of canned yellow peaches and mango, respectively, the onions are slices of canned pear, and the beef is actually chunks of chocolate brownie.

If you’d like to attempt this for yourself, @koneko_t provides a few tips. First, use a sponge cake recipe that doesn’t require egg yolk, in order to keep the cake white enough to give the appearance of rice. And don’t worry about any browning on top of the cake when you bake it, as you will want to cut the top off anyway. If you want, you can cut the cake in half and spread some whipped cream or put extra fruit inside, before you put the cake in a shallow plate and cover with cake-crumb “rice”.

For the curry roux, melt some chocolate in a double boiler and add mango puree, mixing until completely blended. Gently fold in the fruit “vegetables” and chocolate brownie chunks, and pour over the sponge cake.

@koneko_t comments that her husband, who happens to love curry rice, ate through the first half of his curry cake with a confused look on his face, which we can only assume was from the strange sensation of eating something sweet when your eyes are seeing something savory and spicy. Although, we’re sure this chocolate curry cake tastes much better than Village Vanguard’s chocolate curry, so give it a try next time the occasion calls for cake!

Source, featured image: Twitter/ @koneko_t