Cake in a can, cans of cake…we don’t care what they’re called as long as we get our spoons into them soon!

Godiva Japan is known for its artistic, chocolaty creations throughout the year. You never know what’s going to be released next, especially with the brand’s rotating Monthly Chefs Selection entries. This time around, the latest menu item to hit shelves is a reimagined version of the beautiful cake in a can product that became a big hit in Japan a few years ago.

▼ The transparent cans allow you to view a lovely cross-section of the cake that you’re about to consume.

Certain Godiva shop locations in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa Prefectures began offering the canned cakes on May 16, but beginning on May 23, customers can purchase them at Godiva locations across the country or from its online store.  There are three versions of canned cake, each featuring different flavor pairings with Godiva’s signature ultra-rich chocolate. Each bite brings out a totally different flavor, so make sure you savor each layer slowly!

Chocolat noisette (chocolate hazelnut)

The first flavor pairs rich layers of chocolate cream and praline cream with moist chocolate genoise (sponge cake) hidden inside. A sprinkle of crunchy chocolate crumble topping completes this decadent can.

Caramel poire (caramel pear)

This one features the marriage of refreshing pear, milky caramel cream, chocolate cream (including chocolate sponge cake), and the crunchy chocolate crumble again. The natural acidity of the fruit draws out the sweetness of the caramel.

Framboise fromage (strawberry cheese)

Despite having the French word “framboise,” which means “raspberry,” in its English name, the third cake goes by the name “ストロベリーフロマージュ” (“strawberry fromage”) in Japanese. It contains a strawberry-enhanced cheese cream which enhances the flavor of the chocolate cream (with chocolate sponge cake). The smooth, sweet and sour fruit contrasts in a mouth-watering way with the crunchy white chocolate crumble topping.

Godiva Japan’s canned cakes initially come in frozen form, so you’ll have to thaw them in the fridge for 6 to 9 hours to be ready to eat. Each one costs 1,598 yen (US$10.27), and there’s also a special online shop-only assortment of all three that costs 5,805 yen with shipping. The products are limited so definitely put in your order soon if you don’t want to miss the selection. Meanwhile, our team will also continue our quest to see how many ways it’s humanly possible to consume cake.

Source: Godiva Japan via PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Images: PR Times
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