Only one way to find out whether that’s cream or soap.

We’ve seen before how artists can craft wood into delicious-looking food, but what about the other way around? What if a food artist crafts actually-tasty food into something that is edible, but looks kinda gross?

Well now’s the time to find out, because Japanese Twitter user @iine_piroshiki recently posted this image on Twitter:

“When I baked green and yellow sponge cake and put them on top of each other, it looked more like a sponge than I ever imagined.”

Despite being called “sponge cake,” I’ve never really seen or even thought of the resemblance before… until this moment.

It’s actually quite impressive how incredible sponge-like it looks. The attention to detail is imcredible. Not only are there little white spots on top, just like a regular sponge would get, but even the texture of the two different-colored sections is different. The green part appears more rough and well-used, while the yellow part looks softer and porous.

Even after being told it’s cake, I’m not sure if I’d feel entirely comfortable taking a bite. Which I suppose in this case is a compliment to the chef!

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted:

“No matter how I try, my brain cannot accept that it’s food. I wonder why?”
“The cream looks like soap bubbles.”
“My stomach doesn’t know what to do.”
“The green part looking well-used makes it even more realistic.”
“Imagine watching someone eating this, not knowing it was cake….”
“This deserves some sort of award.”

You might not be able to give the chef/artist here an award, but you can definitely give them a follow! If you like this creation of their’s, they’ve made plenty other interesting items:

▼ Like a bunch of peels out of resin…

▼ …or a half-eaten baby corn. You know, for all those times in your life you need a half-eaten baby corn.

If you just found yourself getting hungry while reading this, then I suppose we need to up the ante. Sure, you’d eat a cake that looks like a sponge. But would you eat curry that looks like poop served in a toilet?

Source: Twitter/@iine_piroshiki via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@iine_piroshiki
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