If this video was reversed, you’d see plenty of humans hitting the bell to watch the video again!

Cats have been known to get a bit of a bad rap; with their selectively affectionate behavior coupled with their penchant to attack things they don’t like, there are a lot of cat haters out there. Perhaps “hate” is a strong word, but there are plenty of people who don’t seem to get along with cats. Maybe it’s because cats can display so many human-like behaviors that some people are put off by how cute they are. One thing is for sure, there are a ton of people who love watching these two cats order treats by ringing some bells.

As the Tweet is so aptly titled, “Ordering side by side”, this video perfectly mimics the behavior of humans at a conveyor-belt sushi bar trying to show their friend that “anything you can eat, I can eat better.” These two kitties, Beruru (black-and-white) and Bururu (tiger-striped) have come a long way since we last saw them in September trying to learn how ringing the bell might bring them treats.

In fact, we might be seeing more of these two soon as the brothers have been caught on camera practicing with another contraption that makes noise.

Could this be the start of the all-cat band ready to take the world by storm? CAT Japan! CAT METAL! Throw a couple of skirts on them and they could be CAT 48!

▼Concert riders include: unlimited cat treats (only the fish-shaped ones, no lame circles), 16 square scratching posts (12 with catnip and four without), and Fancy Feast with gravy served on a 1964 Tokyo Olympic commemorative plate.


When they aren’t hard at work making noise for treats, these two cats can be seen relaxing, giving each other massages. But when you lack opposable thumbs, you have to make do with whatever you’ve got.

If you are like us and can’t seem to get enough of these bellwether cats, be sure to follow their Twitter for more of their catventures. But if these furry felines don’t do it for you, perhaps some of these will.

Source/featured image: Twitter/@b_ru_ru