Did you just destroy my 55-inch TV, you cute little furball?!

Sometimes we come to a mutual understanding with our fluffy cat overlords, particularly when they feel inclined to watch TV with us. We’re on the same wavelength, and the world knows peace forevermore.

Or so we’d like to think, for understanding these fickle-minded animals is like trying to comprehend alien behavior. That expensive TV can turn into a scratch toy as soon as we’ve got our backs turned, which is the case for many Japanese Twitter users who have taken to social media to air their woes.

“The cat, the TV, ugh my head.”


“My cat peed and now the TV’s broken.”


What’s perhaps the most infuriating of it all is that they have absolutely no idea how much damage they’ve caused. Or maybe they’re just incredibly adept at feigning innocence.

▼ “It was broken in the first place,” mocks the remorseless cat.


▼ One Twitter user’s cat sat victoriously
on top of the TV it destroyed…

▼ …so its owner hung an “I wrecked the TV” placard around its neck.
That’ll teach the furball a lesson.

Another netizen was so furious that he decided to make an example out of his cat. He enlisted his wife’s help in fashioning a makeshift prison for the culprit.

▼ The sneaky vandal broke out of it after two minutes.
He’ll need another prison for that.

Cats are cats, and no matter how mischievous they get, we just can’t stay angry at them for long. In the event your TV does get smashed by them, we recommend first calming yourself down by watching a video of a cat gently caressing a cherry.

Then go buy a new TV.

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@nanamomorio