“What the HECK is THIS THING?!”

Cats are peculiar creatures, who never seem to be satisfied with all we do for them. Order them a brand new toy and they’ll play in the box. Buy them a cute and comfy (and expensive) cat bed and they’ll just sleep on a towel left on the floor. Sure it’s infuriating, but they’re so dang cute you can’t help but love them even more for it.

One Japanese cat owner decided to buy their furbabies a nice big pillow, since the one they were sharing was too small for both of them. Twitter user @necochuchu replaced the old, smaller pillow with the new one, hoping they would like it, but instead of being indifferent and ignoring it completely like many cats would do, the two cats, named Suzu and Shiro, decided that the new pillow was a potential threat that needed to be thoroughly investigated before use.

▼ You can almost hear the cats asking their owner “What happened to the other pillow? Did you eat it or somethin’??”

This video is way too cute. The two cats keep a wary distance from the large red pillow placed before them. Shiro, the white cat, watches from a safe distance as his brother Suzu attempts to bat at the pillow. On a few occasions the pillow shifts forward ever so slightly, making them both jump in unison.

After two days, the pillow still had not received the seal of approval. In this video, taken on day three, the three-month old kittens are still on their guard, though Shiro has progressed to the point of stepping all over it while Suzu still tentatively pats it with his paw. Eventually, however, Shiro decides not to lay it on, but to use his old pillow instead, which, thankfully, has been rightfully returned. Suzu, on the other hand, retreats to a safe distance again, glaring suspiciously at the new pillow.

Sadly, the fate of the new cushion seems to be in limbo to this day. The cats have accepted its presence in the home, but have chosen to ignore it entirely, opting instead to squeeze as best they can onto their original tiny, little cushion.

▼ It’s ridiculously cute, though.

Well, who knows what will happen to the new cushion, but at least the cats are happy again. That’s all that matters! And it seems like they really love the space heater…I wonder how they’d react to a cat kotatsu? Probably ignore it completely.

Source: Twitter/@nekochuchu via Hamster Sokuho
Images: Twitter/@nekochuchu

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