Basically cats are cute, but they’re also fiends who’ll eat your plants.

While many dogs will eat whatever comes in contact with their nose (including that stinking pile of you-know-what in the backyard), cats generally have a finer palate. They will do almost anything for a treat or soft food, but sometimes they are adventurous enough to seek out what’s lurking in the other food groups. This includes grass and other grassy-like items which you may have seen being sold at pet stores labeled as “cat grass”. However, just because it doesn’t have “cat” in the name of the plant, it doesn’t mean this cutie won’t claim it as theirs.

Twitter user @Ryousuke_tanaka had heard that if you put bean sprouts in water they’d grow enough to harvest and eat. Sounds good in theory, but they found they were having one small problem with the sprouts; they didn’t seem to be growing! What could be the reason? A quick search online will find that even those with “black thumbs” are able to grow simple bean sprouts, so there had to be some other explanation for @Ryousukue_tanaka’s conundrum. Let’s just say the reason was caught with its mouth in the bean sprout jar.

Turns out one of the cats was munching away on them! It’s certainly hard to grow something when they’re being eaten as soon as they sprout, but perhaps this is actually a testament to @Ryousukue_tanaka’s farming skills. This pet owner was wondering for a while why the sprouts weren’t growing since new bean sprouts can grow within a few days, so this furry fiend must have been secretly eating them for quite some time before being caught. Maybe if this cat is looking for a treat, they should try ringing a bell instead.

Source: Twitter/@Ryousuke_tanaka
Featured image: Twitter/@Ryousuke_tanaka