This purrfect duet is meowsic to our ears.

One evening, professional musician Yuitsu Bonkobara decided to record a video as he sat down at his keyboard to play tune with two of his four cats close by.

While black-and-white Ushikun curled up off to the side, loving kitty Norio took his place on his papa’s lap, as Bonkobara began playing. The piece was “2 a.m.,” soothing background music from the popular Nintendo video game Animal Crossing.

At first, Norio seems to be listening intently, entranced by the calming notes, when suddenly he gingerly reaches out with a paw and places it on a key, as if playing along himself. Bonkobara takes the cue and moves Norio’s paw to the right key when necessary, helping him join in the ensemble. All seems to be going well, until two minutes in when Norio decides that he’s going to take over from there, climbs right up onto the keyboard, and parks himself there with a jazzy ending note.

The sweet scene has stolen hearts across the internet, with the video being retweeted 27,000 times and liked over 43,000. Many commentors chimed in with their adoring remarks:

“I dunno why but I teared up a little. Such a nice song.”
“This was so cute, watching it made me feel much better. Thank you.”
“I love this!”

According to Bankobara, his three male cats are very pampered and seem to get jealous of the keyboard, which would explain Norio’s actions.

Looking at Bonkobara’s Twitter, it appears that overall, the keyboard is just a happenin’ place to be.

For more cute kitty antics, or for more great music from Bonkobara – who is the guitarist and keyboardist in a three-man band – be sure to give him a follow.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@YuitsuBon via IRORIO